TAPA FUGAS K11® - Eliminate small leaks in AC/R HVAC-R

Tapa Fugas K11® universal sealant to eliminate small leaks universal sealant to eliminate small leaks

TAPA FUGAS K11® is a sealant specially designed to eliminate small leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning (AC/R) systems, of any type or size. Compatible with all fluids and types of lubricants, thus making it a UNIVERSAL product. FREE POLYMER Formula

  • Air conditioning
  • Window conditioners
  • Splits
  • Multi-splits
  • VRF
  • VRV
  • Chillers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerated counters and displays
  • Cold rooms
  • Wineries (small and large)
  • Drinking troughs
  • Any type of system that uses a refrigerant fluid

Forms of distribution:

  • SINGLE DOSE – injectable with fluid - in two measurements
  • K11 DEZ 10ml – for systems without pressure up to 12.000 BTU/h or up to 1 ton of refrigeration
  • 1TR 10ml – for systems 12.000 btus up to 1 ton of refrigeration
  • 2,5TR 15ml – for systems 30.000 btus up to 2,5 ton of refrigeration
  • Combine the use of the two formats for application, for example in a system with 36.000 btus use 1 dose of 1TR plus 1 dose 2TR.
  • MULTIDOSE 60ml – dilution format defined by the amount of lubricating oil
  • MULTIDOSE 118ml – dilution format defined by the amount of lubricating oil

All the quality and safety of the leading sealant in the HVAC/R segment, now available for the automotive segment!

Micro saddle leaks into condensers, evaporators, accumulators, o-rings and hoses - fast and permanent! Compatible with any type of oil and with HFO R-1234yf, R-134a, R-404A and R-452A. Without polymers, oil-soluble formula, it can be used safely in all Air Conditioning and Automotive Refrigeration systems.

MINIMUM DOSING & DILUTION – 10ml per vehicle, for oil charge above 300ml add 1ml per 30ml of oil


  • VANS
  • BUS

Application methods

SINGLE DOSE - injectable with fluid

Fluid injection application in SINGLE DOSE using the SAE REGISTER adapter for the TAPA FUGAS K11® 1TR 10ml and TAPA FUGAS K11® 2,5TR 15ml as shown below:

MULTIDOSE - with injector

Application with INJECTOR BEZ-50 + ADAPTER ¾ to ¼ in MULTIDOSE version of the products: TAPA FUGAS K11® 60ml and TAPA FUGAS K11® 118ml as shown below:

SYRINGE - SINGLE DOSE injection for systems without PRESSURE up to 12mil BTU/h or 1TR, using 2 methods described below:

1º) Syringe - for application in systems without pressure (without fluid load) using 10ml adapter (male) for threaded valve ¼ SAE (female). Medical "type" syringe, "luer-lock" type connection defined by ISO 594.

2º) Oil Injector (Tool that allows the insertion of fluids in already loaded systems) - Can be used for systems with (or without) fluid load. Transfer the K11 to the injector and perform the operation.

Obs.1) After injecting the K11, follow the vacuum and fluid loading procedures defined by the manufacturer, then start the system;
Obs.2) With the system in operation, the K11 will circulate throughout the line and will perform its sealing action in up to 2 hours in small systems and in up to 72 hours in large systems.


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