K11 Nylog - HVAC-R Sealant for Flanges, Fittings and Gaskets

K11 Nylog - Sealant for sealing and threaded rubber

K11 Nylog is a high quality synthetic oil based elastic fluid such as those used in compressors. That's why K11 Nylog is 100% miscible and compatible with any refrigerant and lubricating oil in the system. Sealing rubbers, including O-rings, and K11 Nylog coated threads never dry out or stick to surfaces. K11 Nylog coated threaded connections block high pressure leaks by forming a hydraulic seal. K11 Nylog should be used preemptively when installing new systems or replacing system parts.

  • Never hardens or crystallizes
  • Lubricate O-rings and Gaskets
  • Flange seal and threaded connections
  • OEM approved
  • Does not contaminate the system

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