Injectors, adapters and SAE registers - K11 Máxima Performance


Register required for application in the SINGLE DOSE method of injection for the TAPA FUGAS K11® and CONTRASTE SPECTROLINE®, avoiding entry of air and moisture into the system. Also recommended for fluid loads.

Applicator for MULTIDOSE - INJECTOR BEZ-50

Special injector to apply the “MULTIDOSE” formats of TAPA FUGAS K11® 60ml, TAPA FUGAS K11® 118ml and CONTRASTE FLUORESCE SPECTROLINE® 118ml, in systems of refrigeration and air conditioning, including the high pressure in full operation. With just one connection, simply rotate the handle to inject the contrast. No complicated connections! Ideal for preventive maintenance programs for multiple medium to large air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Adapter ¾ to ¼

Adapter to be used in conjunction with the BEZ-50 INJECTOR.

NOTE: The adapter is shipped with the injector and is not sold separately.

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