K11 expands performance at AUTOMEC 2019

The discovery of leakage points in cars was also a new area in Automec this year, as visitors to K11, an importer in whose stand the commercial representative Cauê Egydio showed that the company's expertise in the detection of refrigerants in air systems conditioning, through contrast liquid and ultraviolet led lamp, now also covers cooling, engine, power steering, transmission and even fuel. 


At the K11 booth, Cauê shows know-how in leak detection understood for all automotive fluids


Its portfolio of conspicuous items can also be seen here, in the case of the Ashrae-approved K1 Tapa Fugas, which does not contain polymers, which avoids clogging of capillaries and expansion valves, while providing high performance.


"It is compatible with all lubricants and automotive air conditioning refrigerants. Just apply it inside the system and let it circulate along with the oil. Where it identifies a pressure leakage and temperature change will agglutinate and seal all holes along the line. It can be copper pipe, aluminum, rubber, welding, serpentine or flange, "details Egydio.