Event in São Paulo discusses female presence in the HVAC-R sector

For the first time in Latin America, the national HVAC-R segment will have an event focused on female performance. The "Now is what they are" is promoted by Sindratar-SP (Union of the Industry of Refrigeration, Heating and Air Treatment in the State of São Paulo) and ASHRAE Brazil Chapter (North American Society) focused on the sector.

In this event the focus is to discuss the female presence in the labor market and professional qualification in the HVAC-R sector. Our society still has difficulties accepting the presence of women in certain productive sectors. According to a World Bank report, the lack of women's autonomy is one of the biggest obstacles to Latin America's economic growth.

In order to break this paradigm and promote women in the market, 15 big names in the industry will be honored.

"The event will break the maxim that our industry has always been and is predominantly frequented by men. This maxim no longer prevails and the participation of men and women is extremely important for extraordinary results to be achieved in the economic and technological progress of HVAC-R. We are all very excited to be able to provide this event in our society. I am sure it will be fascinating to see and hear their experiences. " Carlos Trombini, President of SINDRATAR - SP, who concluded by saying that the event was in the hands of the Union for a long time, shortly after the visit of Carmosinda Santos, a technical professional in the sector, was when the idea matured.

As President of ASHRAE Brazil Chapter, Bruno Martinez believes that this event is an important milestone for the HVAC-R community and reflects a request from society in general: The valorization and inclusion of women in historically male labor sectors.

ASHRAE, as a world society, has been playing its part. In June of 2018 the Women in ASHRAE was approved an official committee for all the Chapters of the world. This is an important step and is taking place at the time of women's prominence in the sector and with Sheila Hayter as the president of the whole society.

So the event is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the women of HVAC-R who have been working for years to develop this market. We hope that new industry professionals will be inspired by the stories of these brilliant trajectories and become more involved. The HVAC-R market needs you. Excerpt from the interview, for Frio magazine, by Bruno Martinez.

With all the difficulties and prejudices faced in society, it is excellent to see such important entities positioning themselves and offering the debate. That is why we encourage everyone to attend this important and important event.

Entries are free and must be made through this link